ACE Reporting System

The entire process of honey generation and storage involves coordination, organization and accurate estimation. A group of about 12 bees in their lifetime will produce a teaspoon of honey. Bees use their honey as an energy source for the hive. Depending on the weather, a hive consumes over 20 Kg (44 pounds) of honey over a single winter. Similarly in shipping Operations Bunker and its management is of utmost importance as it is the life of a running vessel, its proper management and reporting is of superlative importance. Our ACE is the worker honey bee for the ship assisting in proper recording, management and avoiding errors.
ACE (Analysis of Crude Data Extractor) is flexible and robust fleet data analysis system, assisting the Operations and Commercial team by streamlining data–consolidation and arranging metrics, numbers, and performance scorecards on a single screen.


Users can quickly grasp the overall picture of the fleet real time to take informed decisions. This is accomplished by structuring and unifying data into intelligent views through visually-enhanced features.


  • Logical Data Classification: Data classification in ACE, basis pool, vessel and voyage to stratify your data as per your needs.
  • Personalized dashboard: For complete overview of your fleet summary, dashboard includes Current and Completed voyages, Performance Trending to structure the data into valuable information.
  • Performance Trending: Utilizes a unique NM/MT concept for measuring the performance of the vessel and also allows you to compare with other vessels of same class within your fleet.
  • FOC Analysis:It contains multi level segregation of fuel consumed on all the machineries for measuring, monitoring and reporting complete fuel usage.
  • Performance Comparison: A module to logically compare voyage actual consumption against warranties which gives a complete and realistic picture of the vessel performance.
  • Voyage Summary: Summarized information of all completed voyages to measure essential parameters which evaluates the performance of your fleet.
  • Economic speed: ACE gives you the most economic speed/RPM for ballast as well as laden passage in which vessel achieves maximum NM/MT in fair weather.
  • Auto alerts: ACE automatically sends alerts to the operations when vessel exceed its threshold limit (user defined) of MT/Day in fair weather.
  • Customized Reports: User defined Reports can be generated and exported to the customized templates.


  • Remarkable Increase in Operational Efficiency

  • Clear and in-depth overview of your fleet performance

  • Understanding the current performance of the vessel in order to take corrective measures proactively.

  • User friendly and easy to integrate with your existing process.

  • Direct access to Bluewater technical experts which provide full support for fleet analysis.

  • Easy implementation on entire fleet without any retrofitting or installation.